Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please Stop!

That title is referring to my jaw/tooth pain. I have another dentist appointment this afternoon and I'm hoping to get some resolution.

This morning I stopped at the grocery store to get some breakfast and lunch items. This was easier than having to use my pain-addled brain to figure out what to put together from the fridge. I bought a bagel, some Chobani greek yogurt, an Amy's Vegetable Lasagna frozen meal, some OJ, and 13 doughnuts. I ate one of the doughnuts (still warm...mmmm) and put the rest up in the break room for others. Usually I try to bring in healthier items (vegan chocolate chip cookies, FH Krusteaz blueberry muffins, etc.) but every now and then it's a doughnut day.

Eating the doughnut made my jaw hurt really bad so there was no danger of me eating more than one. I did have a tiny piece of the bagel and a 110 cal. OJ box.

Wish me luck at the dentist!

1 comment:

  1. good luck at the dentist! sometimes, it needs to be a donut day :)