Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Birthday " Celebration

Quick post before heading home for the day. We're celebrating a friends b'day tonight. :)

Last night we went to Abuelos. It's a chain, Mexican restaurant that considers itself upscale.

While we waited for our food, I had chips. A bunch. I was SO hungry. I should have taken a few out of the basket and savored them. They were very thin and light.

I ordered chicken medallions with chorizo and beans inside. It came with rice and pinto beans. I didn't enjoy it very much because the outside was very dry and only a few of the medallions had any filling. :( I think I ate 4 pieces, 2/3 of the beans and rice, and then I ate most of Josh's tamale.

We had a coupon for a free entree, but we had to get another one and two beverages. I got the Sangria Swirl. I enjoyed it, but all that food combined with the alcohol made me very lethargic.

We didn't want to be rushed for dinner, so we skipped the free movie (I have more free tickets for next week) and went to see District 9 instead. I enjoyed it, but oddly enough the husband didn't.

Tonight we're headed to a local Italian place to celebrate a friend's birthday. It's not one of my favorite places, so it shouldn't be too hard to be good. I might have to get some Frozen Yogurt on the way home, though to beat the heat.

I'll post tonight about today's food choices and early morning workout.

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