Friday, August 21, 2009


What a morning! I overslept and didn't have time to eat anything before PT, so I threw a bagel in my bag to eat on the way, which I then promptly forgot about until my PT told me she was going to have me run laps today between strength training sets. LOL

  1. Wall squats with the ball (1 set of 15)
  2. run 1 lap
  3. 5 modified push-ups
  4. run 1 lap
  5. wall sits (squats on wall while holding a medicine ball straight out--4 sets of 10 seconds)
  6. run 1 lap
  7. upright rows with the body bar (15 reps)
  8. hold body bar at chest level in the horizontal position and push straight out (15 reps)
  9. run 1 lap
  10. 15 crunches on the ball
  11. 10 oblique crunches on the ball
  12. run 1 lap
  13. plank (2 sets of 15 seconds)
  14. repeat 1 & 3
  15. run 1 lap
  16. repeat 5, 7, & 8
  17. run 1 lap
  18. repeat 10, 11 & 13
I'm pretty sure that's right. I was just trying to get through it. I was rocking my new jogging skirt, though. LOL!!

I had planned on doing Wk 4, Day 2 of C25K, but since I hadn't eaten and we had such an intense workout I just did 15 minues at level 7 on the elliptical machine and tested out my headset. Two thumbs up!

I'm going back at lunch to do a step class.

Once I finally made it into the office I had a blueberry Chobani, raspberry white tea (80 cal.), and half a whole wheat bagel with PB on it.

Lunch is going to be a ham and cheese sandwich with light mayo on whole wheat bread with some baked cheetos and a 100 cal. coke. I'll try to take pictures before I eat it. ;)

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