Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goodbye weekend!

Hello! This will be quick post because I have to get a bunch of work done before people come over to watch True Blood.

This morning I had two piecesof Ezekiel Cinnamon and Raisin toast with yogurt spread and raspberry preserves. I ate it in the car on the way to church.

As soon as I got home I mowed the .5 acre front lawn and I was pooped! I went in and took a shower before grabbing some food.

Lunch was a Morningstar "Chicken" patty on an Arnold's WW sandwich thin with lettuce, tomato, pickle, light mayo, mustard and ketchup. On the side were Ore Ida "fast food" fries. I was a bad blogger, though, and didn't take a picture.

I had to run out in the rain to get dog food and on the way back I got Josh and I each a Frosty! Yum!! I wish we had a frozen yogurt place close to our house. That would have been a lot better.

Now I'm doing some work for my part-time job before I get ready to have friends over to watch True Blood. It's been a fun weekly thing, but unfortunately the guys have to head back to work tonight (they have rotating days off and now they're no longer off during the weekend). It'll just be the girls tonight.

Have a good night! I have to get up early for personal training at 7:30 AM. :( :)


  1. What... the weekend is already over???? NO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck at the pt! hope you do a recap of that True blood...

  3. your blog is cute! i <3 ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread!!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Don't know if I'll have time to do a true blood recap this week, but that's a great idea! :)