Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Birthday!

I'm blogging from my phone in bed.

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to all my friends and family. I received a card in the mail from my mom and she generously included a check which I promptly went out and spent. ;)

I bought some new workout tops and bottoms. Some of them will be going back because I was in a rush and couldn't try them on.

I bought a running skirt but I'm a little self conscious to wear it because I'm not a fan of my legs, plus all they had was a medium so I've got a little love handle action going on. We'll see. It pretty much looks like the picture below only with lavender instead of black.

Another awesome present was the Motorokr S9 bluetooth headset for my phone. It's pretty awesome and easy to set up. The only feature that doesn't work is voice dialing and that's a limitation of the phone.

This was a gift from my awesome husband who got me exactly what I wanted. Thanks, honey!

The only thing I have left to get is an armband holder for my phone (the T-Mobile HTC G1).

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