Wednesday, July 29, 2009

quick post

First...don't forget to comment on today's earlier post to earn a chance to win a 1.2 lb. container of Spirutein!

The rest of this is gonna be a quick post as I'm blogging from my phone in bed. It's past my bedtime.

On the way home from work I ate 1/2 a banana bread larabar.

Dinner was organic, whole wheat spinach and cheese ravioli with 1/4 c. Sundried tomato alfredo sauce. I had two small pieces of organic multigrain bread with yogurt spread (Brummel and Brown) on the side.

For dessert I wanted a special treat so I had an Edwards single serving chocolate pie slice. It was about the same calories as a candy bar. Much better than some of the other single serving desserts I saw. One was nearly 800 cal with 54g of fat!! OMG can you imagine!

I did a little unnecessary snacking before bed...chips and chocolate milk. Gonna have to give myself a food bedtime of 9PM from now on!

I'll post the times with my meals so YOU can help keep me accountable!

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