Friday, July 17, 2009

Nightime Meltdown

So, as you may remember, the plan yesterday was to go to a baseball game and have some popcorn. Things did not go that way, though.

I couldn't find my free tickets to the game, so the aunt decided we'd do dinner instead. It's restaurant week here so we chose a nice restaurant downtown that I know is awesome. It's called Bodega and they do tapas. At least, they normally do tapas. I went in January and it was their usual small (but plenty) plates. Last night it was HUGE plates!

I got focaccia bread, she-crab soup, ribs (with coleslaw and mashed potatoes), and cheesecake. Not exactly healthy. :( I ate maybe three pieces of bread, all the soup, all the cole slaw (just lettuce really with light dressing), half the ribs, almost none of the potatoes, and half the cheesecake.

I was stuffed and bloated afterwards, which made it hard for me to appreciate the meal. Mostly I just felt guilty. I think I ate about what I would have if they were still doing small plates. If I had realized they had increased their portions so much I would have skipped the bread for sure.

Despite all my whining, you should know that their food is AWESOME! I really wish I could get to the point where I could enjoy a nice meal out without feeling guilty.

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