Friday, July 17, 2009

Mid-Day Recap

So, this morning I got up and made a smoothie. It was exactly the same as yesterday, only today I remembered to put spinach in it. It was definitely a green monster. It keep me full for about 3.5 hours so I could make it through a meeting until lunch.

The picture to the left is a pretty good representation of how it looked.

(And seriously, you really cannot taste the spinach.)

I was at a loss for what to have for lunch, but I knew things would end badly if I didn't take something so I grabbed some V8 Southwestern Corn soup and some microwaveable brown/wild rice.

When lunchtime came around I heated up 1 serving each of the rice and soup and them put them together. It was surprisingly yummy! I don't think I would have like the soup on its own because it had a strange aftertaste.

Here's a picture of what it looked like:

For dessert I had strawberries and cherries.

The plan for today might be to be skinny instead of healthy, i.e. the diet soda and popcorn I mentioned yesterday.

I'm more than out of weekly points and need to stick to my 22 daily points. Right now I'm down to 10, plus 3 if I work out at home tonight on the Transfirmer.


Here's some info on the Transfirmer: YouTube Infomercial. It comes with 5 DVDs. Of the two I've tried, one is frustrating because the teacher is really horrible about cuing you to get to the next move and it goes unreasonably fast. The other cardio one is much better and incorporates a lot of muscular strength.

Have any of you done "The Firm?" Can you recommend one of the videos?

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