Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Almost Hump Day

Happy almost hump day!

This morning was a lesson in preparation. I didn't bring breakfast to work and just assumed I would get a bagel from the building next door. Except when I got there, they were closed. So I walk a few more blocks down to Dunkin Donuts to get a bagel. Closed. At this point, I am more than a little peeved. I ended up with blueberry muffins from 7 eleven and an orange juice. Not horrible, but not very healthy, althought it did hold me until 1:30.

I went and did a 20/20 class again. More strength than cardio unfortunately. It might make tomorrow's training session a little rough.

I didn't get a picture of lunch because I had to eat it during a meeting. It was ham on a sandwich thin with light mayo, an apple FlavH20, and some watermelon.

Afternoon snack was tea and 3 squares of dark chocolate.

On the way home I stopped at the health food store to get some chocolate peanut butter swirl Spirutein for my smoothies. I also picked up some Larabars and I tried the chocolate coconut bar on the ride home. It was pretty good, but there wasn't very much coconut flavor.

For dinner I made pork chops with leftover blueberry sauce, yucca fries, and peas.

Dessert was an orange sherbert push-up and some watermelon.

Our post-dinner excitement made me feel I deserved the push-up. We recently moved to a new house and haven't been able to afford a fence, yet. Our dog is obsessed with playing so if you take him out that's all he wants to do, not his "business." So, we have to put him on a rope and then go inside and watch him until he gets the job done so we can bring him in. He doesn't know how to do it on a leash.
Tonight, I put him on his rope and went inside. I was watching him from the living room window. Well, I saw him see a rabbit and before I could get out the door, he was gone! The rope came untied from his collar and he was chasing the rabbit. After a few minutes we noticed him down in the marsh behind our house. Surprise, surprise. He is half lab and LOVES swimming. We finally lured him out after having a little fun in the mud. He was so filthy my husband had to put him in the shower.
Anybody know a good fence company?

Tune in tomorrow for a giveaway announcement! Night!

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