Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inaugural Post

I've been reading a lot of healthy eating blogs lately and I've come upon a dilemma that I think is probably common enough that it would be an interesting premise for a blog.

Being healthy vs. being skinny. They should go hand in hand, right? If you eat healthy you will be skinny*. To this I say, hmmmm...
I've been doing Weight Watchers off and on for 4 years now. I lost the weight by following the points system program. While it does emphasize getting in your daily servings of fruits, veggies, and dairy, other than that you can eat whatever you want as long as you stick to your points.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge WW advocate. It works and doesn't feel like a diet.
Is it healthy if to be at an ideal weight if you do it by eating 100 cal. processed foods and things full of sugar substitutes?
Maybe not. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to eat "healthier" items and still try to get to that ideal weight.

For example: It's 3pM and I need a snack. I could eat veggies or fruit, but I already had fruit with breakfast and lunch and veggies would make me feel like I'm on a diet. I could have a 100 cal pack of cheetos for 2pts or a protein bar for anywhere from 3-6 pts. Which would you choose if you were trying to lose weight? The 100 cal., right? BUT IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

Example #2: Light wheat bread is 80 cal. for 2 slices. Ezekiel sprouted bread (wheat and gluten free) is 80 caloriesfor 1 slice.

I see these skinny bloggers eating a ton of healthy food and I couldn't eat half of that for the number of points I get per day on WW. I think a lot of the problem is that most of them are runners and I am not. I am a gym person and my workouts are not always that intense.
So...this blog is going to focus on my struggle to balance eating healthy with being "skinny." I hope you decide to come along for the ride.
*skinny on this blog will always mean "healthy weight"

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  1. I like the skinny note. :D Interesting premise. One of my favorite healthy snacks is carrots or other veggies and hummus. Hummus is so creamy and dreamy. :D