Thursday, July 30, 2009

Confession Time

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1.) I had McDonald's for breakfast. I've REALLY been craving pancakes, but I didn't have time to make any at home.

2) I am proud of my choices this morning. Wait, say what!? You're proud of going to McDonald's.

No, I'm proud of this:

I really only wanted eggs, a biscuit, and pancakes. There's no meal like that so I ordered the Deluxe Breakfast and told them to hold the hasbrown and sausage. I knew that if they were there I would eat them. As I was eating it I realized the eggs sucked (big surprise!) so I didn't eat them. All I ate were the pancakes and the biscuit. What could have been a 1200 calorie breakfast was half that (still a lot for breakfast) and I am satisfied and don't feel deprived. that I'll be better prepared for the next time I want pancakes on a weekday I'm going to make a big batch (Fiber One mix is awesome!) and freeze them. Then, when I want them on a weekday I can just pop them in the toaster. True story! Try it!

To keep my balance for the day I will be working out and having light meals the rest of the day. Maybe soup for lunch and a salmon burger over salad for dinner.

In the meantime, I have a toothache and have to go to the dentist after lunch. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Great job balancing out McDonald's with healthy meals for the rest of the day! Sometime I get those crazy fast food cravings too! Very smart to make Fiber One pancakes in advance! Love your blog :)