Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy Day

Last night I was very productive. I finished re-upholstering 2 of the 4 chairs we got last weekend (a table and 4 chairs for $5).

Here's the before and after. The green is before, the off-white is after.

I got woken up about 7AM this morning by my husband, just home from work, reminding me that I wanted to go to garage sales this morning. After a few choice words and a lot of grumbling, I stumbled out of bed to eat this:

After checking out local sales on Craigslist and mapping a route we headed out around 8AM or so. We got a few odds and ends (a lamp, casserole dish, and plastic bag holder) and were headed to a third sale, when the car started overheating. Not wanting to tempt fate we headed back to the house.
This car is 20 years old and has 200k miles on it so it's not a big shocker. Luckily my husband is VERY mechanically inclined so I'm sure he'll have her good as new in no time. If not, we'll get some $500 car that he'll put a little work into and it'll run for a long time. I gotta say, it's nice not to have to worry about car payments or wonder what we'll do if something happens to our cars. Love you, hon!

We were going to pick up the other car and go back out, but the neighbor kid came out to talk cars with my husband. While waiting on them, I ate some watermelon. The Puffins didn't keep me full very long. After waiting around for the husband to stop talking, I finally gave up (it's cars, how can garage sales compare...LOL) and headed out on my own.

I got this table for $2. I'm planning on sanding it and painting it either white or black.

After picking up a couple of other things, I decided to head home. Then, I remembered that I saw a Five Guys Burgers and Fries near the house. So I stopped in and got a burger with a small fry and water. This is NOT health food! This is a special treat. I haven't eaten there in about 3 years or so, but I was just really craving a juicy burger. I got my food home and realized they, like so many places, give ridiculous portion sizes, at least with the fries. I put a few on my plate and threw the rest away. Wasteful, but the best plan for my waistline. Here's how much I threw away:

Trust me, it was more than it looks. I'm proud of eating a reasonable portion and getting water instead of soda. :)

Now, you may wonder why I'm writing about this on what is supposed to be a healthy eating blog. Basically, I'm trying to be honest about what I eat. I AM striving to eat healthier and will do my best to eat healthy most of the time, but I love food! All food, including burgers, french fries and soda. My challenge for myself is to eat those things in moderation. I'm hoping that this blog will work as a food journal so I can look back each week and know that I need to work on. (Reducing sugar intake!)

After taking a pretty long nap I decided to hit up a thrift store I'd been eyeing. I found this table for $18.

Love it! This will probably become black, too, though I am digging the red!

Tonight I plan on finishing re-upholstering the other two chairs and maybe frost the glass on the table that came with it.
Tomorrow's schedule is Couch 2 5K, church, and beach!
Have a great Saturday. :)

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