Friday, July 24, 2009

phone issues

Arrggghhh!! I am still having problems with the SD card in my phone therefore I have no camera here at work today. Very annoying!

Today's lunch consisted of Pad Thai with Tofu and a Wild Cherry FlavH20. Gotta say I like the Watermelon Kiwi more.

After lunch I had a Hershey's bar, which I am regretting. It didn't really taste that good and made me feel blah! I should have just eaten the fruit salad I brought. No more sweets today.

I think dinner tonight is going to be homemade pizza (with pizza sauce, feta cheese, spinach, pine nuts, and maybe some green olives) and a side salad.

Now, I'm gonna close the office door and do some yoga. Namaste!

1 comment:

  1. That Pad Tai Tofu looks great!
    Enjoy your weekend! I love making homemade pizza on low carb tortillas... only 50 calories!