Thursday, September 3, 2009

hungry, hungry hippo

Good afternoon! First things first I'll try to remember yesterday's workout. It was mostly legs and I am hurting today.
  • lunges on the Bosu ball (3 sets of 12 each leg)
  • squats w/ a body bar (3 sets of 12)
  • calf raises (3 sets of 12)
  • calf raises w/ toes pointed out (3 sets of 12)
  • calf raises w/toes pointed in (3 sets of 12)
  • Wall sits while holding out medicine ball (3 sets of 10 seconds)
  • bridges on the ball (3 sets of 12)
  • hold ball b/w feet and squeeze legs together (2 sets of 10)
  • flutter kicks (1 set of 12)
As usual I feel like I'm forgetting something. If it comes to me I'll update the post.

For breakfast this morning I had raising bran w/ granola clusters and FF milk.

Lunch consisted of one of these...
...with a salad (romaine, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and ranch dressing).

I had a handful (7?) peanut M&Ms also.

Around 2:30 I was starving so I had Oikos greek yogurt with a nectarine, blueberries, and some Bear Naked cereal. I've got to make it through personal training again tonight and some cardio!

QOTD: I'd love to hear if any of you have tried some of the workouts I've posted! How'd you like it!?

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